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S.No. Indian Standard No. Product Exclusion Testing Charges (Excl. Of Taxes) Facility Type Effective Date Validity Date Remark
1 IS 13252 : Part 1 (2010) Information technology equipment - Safety: Part 1 general requirements (Second Revision) - - View breakup
Laptop/Notebook/Tablet: Rs 58000, Visual Display Units, Videos Monitors Of Screen Size 32" And Above: Rs 68000, Printers, Plotters: A4 - Rs 45000, A3- Rs 65000, Scanners: A4 - Rs 45000, A3- Rs 65000, Wireless Keyboards: Rs 40000/-, Telephone Answering Machine: Mains-Rs 68000, Battery – Rs 40000, Automatic Data Processing Machine: Rs 68000, Cash registers: Rs 68000, Copying Machines/Duplicator: A4 - Rs 45000, A3- Rs 65000, Point of sale terminals: Rs 68000, Power banks for portable use applications: RS 40000, Power Adaptors for IT Equipments: Rs 40000, CCTV Camera/Equipment for CCTV Camera: Rs 45000, USB driven Barcode Readers, Barcode Scanners, IR IS Scanners, Optical Fingerprint Scanners: Rs 45000, Smart Watches: Rs 25000, Set Top Box: Rs 45000, Passport readers: Rs 45000/-, Mail Processing/Postage Machines/Franking Machines: Rs 45000, Smart Card Readers: Rs 45000, Mobile Phones: Rs 45000. The following products are included w.e.f. 07.08.2018: Visual Display units, Video Monitors of Screen Size upto 32 inches-Rs.68000/-
Complete - Exclusions: Component test (Cl.1.5), Moving Parts (Cl.2.8.5), Switches, Relays and their related circuits(Cl.2.8.7), Semi-Conductor Devices (Cl., AC power supply cords (Cl., Cathode ray tubes (Cl.4.2.8), Dust, powder, liquids and gases (Cl.4.3.10), Flammable liquids (Cl.4.3.12), Ionizing radiation test (Cl., Effect of UV on materials (Cl., Human exposure to UV radiation (Cl., Effect of Lasers (including LEDs) (Cl., Bottom of Fire enclosures (Cl.4.6.2), Insulating winding wires (Annex-U), Household and home/office document/media shredders (Annex-EE). The testng charges are fixed w.e.f. 12-11-2018 for a period of two years i.e. up to 11-11-2020.
2 IS 616 (2017) Audio, video and similar electronic apparatus - Safety requirements (Fifth Revision) - - View breakup
Electronic Games (video): Rs 58000, Plasma/LCD/LED Televisions of screen size up to 42 inches: Rs 68000, Optical Disc players with built in amplifiers of input power 200W and above: Rs 68000, Amplifiers With Input Power 2000w and Above: Rs 68000, Electronic Musical Systems With Input Power 200w And Above: Rs 68000, Power Adaptors For Audio,Video & Similar Electronic Apparatus: Rs 40000
Complete - REVISED VERSION INCLUDED w.e.f. 10-01-2018. Exclusions: Ionizing radiation test (Cl.6.1), Laser radiation (Cl.6.2), Requirements for insulated winding wires for use without additional interleaved insulation (cl.8.17), Endurance test for wound components with insulated winding wires without additional interleaved insulation (cl.8.18), Component s (Cl.14), Mechanical strength of picture tubes and protection against the effects of implosion (Cl.18). The testng charges are fixed w.e.f. 12-11-2018 for a period of two years i.e. up to 11-11-2020.

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